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What kind of information is gathered and why?


We gather two types of information about you, when visiting our web sites. The first type of information is the data you submit to us when booking a holiday home. Secondly we gather information on the functionality of our web sites in order to be able to improve these continuously.

Information supplied by you

This is information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any opinion-research we are asking you. This information is saved, along with information about what type of stay you would like to book, when and which reference number. This information makes us able to complete the booking, i.e. print your travel documents etc. Furthermore this information can be used for statistical purposes when evaluating our range of products etc., and for sending any offline material, like brochures or flyers with offers for the season to come.

How is the data kept and for how long?

The information gathered is kept for up to 5 years.

The data is kept non-encryptet but protected against unauthorized use. We use a firewall to protect unauthorized access to our systems and thereby protecting your personal data. A firewall is protecting our internal network against unauthorized access from the Internet.

When placing a booking with us and paying by credit card, payment is proceeded online through the SSL certificate to our external partner Telecom Scandinavia. This means that your credit card details aren't kept with us at any time.

Who uses the information?

The information is used by NOVASOL employees only and only for the purposes stated above. Typically the information is used by employees in marketing, call center, dispatch department etc.

The information is not passed on to third-party without your preceding accept.

Terms of payment

When paying with credit card, we ask you to supply the name of the credit card holder, credit card number, expiry date and the Card Verification Code.This information is not stored with us, but in encryptet form on secured servers at Telecom Scandinavia who is our external partner. All communication concerning your payment is proceeded under a SSL certificate, which ensures your safety. You can therefore safely pay with credit card on the web sites of NOVASOL.


Your e-mail address

When placing a booking with us, we recommend that you supply your e-mail address. We will then be able to send you a confirmation by e-mail as soon as the booking has been completed, and you can then be sure that all information is registered correctly. When paying by credit card we will also be able to notify you by e-mail when the payment transaction has been made.


Your e-mail address will not be used for any other purposes than the above stated, without your preceding accept.

Subscribing to newsletters

If you are interested in getting news and special offers regularly, you can subscribe to our electronic newsletter. To be able to send you this, we will need your e-mail address. The newsletter is sent approx once a month and contains news, inspiration for your next holiday, special offers, holiday tips etc. When receiving a newsletter you are always able to unsubscribe at any time by clicking a link in the newsletter. You can also unsubscribe on the web site by clicking the newsletter button.


We never send newsletters or similarities without having specific permission to do so.

Information gathered

When moving around on our web site, we gather information on which pages you visit and for how long. This information is gathered in the background without you noticing. This information doesn't tell us who you are - we can therefore not gather any other information than which pages you have visited on our site. We use this information to analyse whether our site is functional and gives you the right information at the right time.


A cookie is a small text file which is saved on your computer. A cookie is not a program and can therefore not harm or damage your computer or pass on any virus. Our cookie does not contain any data about you, but only information relating to searches and any agencies.

How to delete a cookie

In Internet Explorer a cookie can be deleted by opening the Internet Options under Tools. Click Delete Cookies under Temporary Internet files.

Insight and objections

If you wish your information to be deleted from our systems or have any questions related to this, you can contact:



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